The quality and food safety management system defines all the measures that have been implemented with regard to our organisation of quality. It is built up by following the provisions of the IFS and BRC standards; the requirements of these standards are integrated into every technical evolution by the heads of department and Senior Management.

The “Grands Vins de Gironde” quality and food safety procedure has received its reward by being certified at the highest levels of IFS, BRC and HACCP standards.

BRC aims to define a common base of food safety requirements for manufacturers of own-label products in the British market and thereby standardise audits.
BRC is awarded after an audit by an EN 45011accrédited certifying body.
the company may be certified at a basic or superior level.
HACCP is first and foremost a method and a working tool, but is not a standard. A standard is a descriptive document that is drawn up by consensus and approved by a recognised standardisation body (e.g. ISO). HACCP’s origin proves that it is not a standard.

Secondly, as the principle of continuing improvement (Deming’s wheel, PDCA) has been included in the method, HACCP may also be defined as a management system.

HACCP is therefore a system that identifies, evaluates and controls significant threats to food safety (NF V 01-002).

Like their English colleagues, in 2002, the leading German distributors, operating within the HDE (German retail trade federation) created the IFS (International Food Standard), an audit base for food manufacturers and suppliers of own-label and budget products.

These certifications are a reward for all our employees and encourage us to pursue and reinforce our quality commitments and policy.
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