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  • Bordeaux wines specialist since 1820

    “Grands Vins de Gironde”, one of the largest Bordeaux wine merchants, offers you its centenary experience. The group has inherited several wine merchants companies and has developed an international sales network. With its wine professional team, “Grands Vins de Gironde” offers you its expertise and a wide range of wines.

  • Daring in customization

    Create your own wine with Grands Vins de Gironde. We control the entire creative process, from wine selection to label design. Our customers can therefore enjoy wines that are customised in terms of both taste and packaging.

  • Les Chartrons: beginning of 200 years of history

    The adventure began in 1820, when Maison De Luze set up business on the famous Quai des Chartrons. With its illustrious Bordeaux houses, Grands Vins de Gironde has a century-old know-how. In line with changes in its business, the Group has developed its range and increased its production to meet the needs of an international clientele. Today, more than ever, Grands Vins de Gironde’s strength lies in the multicultural nature of its companies, which are a magnificent breeding-ground for skills and knowledge.

  • Vintage treasures

    In between passion and history, La Grande Cave is the home to prestigious Bordeaux Classified Growths, the oldest dating back to 1865. Collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world find treasures that are ancient reminders of the greatest estates. Selection “en primeur” from 200 châteaux guarantees their irreproachable origin.

  • Maturing: giving life to wine

    Oenology and wine maturing are an integral part of Grands Vins de Gironde work. Our oenologists, supported by a team of professionals, master all traditional and vating vinification methods. With its new cellar, inaugurated in 2011, Grands Vins de Gironde now has a total production capacity of 240,000 hectolitres a year.

  • Technology to serve the wine

    Grands Vins de Gironde has an efficient range of production equipment to manage all its product processes. With 3 bottling lines and 2 pick-up lines, all fully automated, Grands Vins de Gironde offers a complete service, from bottling to wine storage.