Sustainable Development issues

Sustainable Development for our “terroirs” and future generations.

Loyal to its values of responsibility that have always formed part of its development, “Grands Vins de Gironde” is deploying a committed sustainable development strategy.



  • The Issues

Climate change, pollution, soil contamination … We have caused many problems to our environment and we need to give them our full attention.
As a member of the wine trade, “Grands Vins de Gironde” has been working for many years in favour of sustainable development. Our aim is to limit the impact of our activities on our environment and thus protect the Earth that gives us life. 


  • GVG commitment

This process involves real commitment towards our environment, our customers and our employees. This is why “Grands Vins de Gironde” takes into account all the social, environmental and energy dimensions upheld by the principle of sustainable development.

  • Limiting energy consumption

Water consumption and lighting systems are carefully managed, premises and installations are insulated and all items of equipment are analysed with a view to saving energy.


  • Organic equipment:

GVG has built an effluent treatment plant equivalent in size to that required for 5000 inhabitants, with an ecological activated sludge system; this sludge is then recycled by spreading.

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