1820: Founding of Maison De Luze

In the 18th Century, Baron Alfred de Luze founded Maison A. de Luze & Fils, specialising in the maturing of great Bordeaux wines. A visionary and a skilful negotiator, Baron De Luze was one of the pioneers who developed the Bordeaux wine import/export trade. A tireless traveller, he and his sons set up branches all over the world. In addition to its international network, Maison De Luze acquired a number of Bordeaux châteaux such as Château Paveil, a very ancient growth from the Margaux region, and Château Malleret in the Haut Médoc.

With its premises on the famous Quais des Chartrons, in the centre of Bordeaux, Maison De Luze matured its wines, traditionally aged in the best oak.
The house has maintained its know-how as part of “Grands Vins de Gironde”. Historically focused on exports, De Luze products continue to expand across international markets,but also enjoy a solid network in France.

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1965: Acquisition of Chantecaille

Founded in 1840, Maison Chantecaille had a wealth of assets made up of small châteaux. Chantecaille used its know-how to develop exclusive partnerships with Bordeaux estates. Bought by Maison De Luze in 1965, it maintained a broad range and created its own brand. Now part of “Grands Vins de Gironde”, it has retained its identity as a major Bordeaux trading house.

1968: Acquisition of Lalande

Founded by the economist Armand Lalande in 1860, Maison Lalande et Compagnie became a major Bordeaux trading house. As the owner of châteaux, mainly in the Médoc, the company has an authentic know-how, close to its terroirs and traditions.


1980: Maison De Luze acquired by Rémy Martin

The famous cognac house Rémy Martin buys Maison De Luze. This acquisition enables it to diversify its range by incorporating Bordeaux wines.

1988: Acquisition of Grande Cave

Through a combination of passion and history, La Grande Cave contains Bordeaux’ finest “grands crus”, the oldest dating back to 1865. Collectors and connoisseurs find treasures here, evidence of the ancestral know-how of the greatest Bordeaux châteaux.
The “Grands Vins de Gironde” group looks after this outstanding collection with the very greatest care. 

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1991 : GVG

“Grands Vins de Gironde” was born out of the merger of several trading houses, offering a combination of know-how, expertise and technical equipment. These various firms shared their history and networks and worked together to create a full range. As a specialist in Bordeaux wines, “Grands Vins de Gironde” offers all the appellations in over 70 countries. Its production strength and the skills of its teams have led it to become one of the leading trading houses in the Bordeaux market.


1996 : Acquisition of SVM

With the acquisition of “Société des Vins Mousseux”, the group was able to diversify its range to include the new sparkling wine segment. SVM provided the group with its technical expertise and specialist equipment to enable it to develop this market.
A real export success, “Grands Vins de Gironde” works hard to promote these fresh, fashionable wines in France and abroad.

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May 2011: Acquisition of GVG by the Casteja Holding Company

The Casteja Holding Company, a specialist in the winemaking sector and the owner of a number of estates, bought out the GVG Group.