Wine maturing

A new winery

In 2011, “Grands Vins de Gironde” invested in a new, high-tech winery.

 With 63 stainless steel 60 to 1080- hectolitre tanks and 400 barrels, “Grands Vins de Gironde” is dealing with large volumes.
This outstanding facility means that we can follow an irreproachable quality process throughout the maturing period. The quality team carries out regular analyses to monitor the wines’ development.

GVG Winery

Once the maturing phase has ended, the wine can be bottled on our 3 bottling lines or on the premises of one of our partners, who will receive the wine in bulk.


GVG Barrel Cellar

The science of wine-maturing

Maturing is a tricky period during which the wine comes to life. It takes place between the end of alcoholic fermentation and bottling.
Our oenologists use different vinification methods to deliver the aromas and character within each wine. The wine undergoes a number of treatments during the maturing period to retain its taste qualities:


Putting the wine into barrels
  •  Topping-up

Topping-up involves periodic filling to ensure that the wine is always at its maximum level in the barrels. This helps to avoid oxidation in the wine during maturing.

  •  Racking

At the end of fermentation, the young wines contain a lot of yeast, bacteria and crystals in suspension. Clarification takes place naturally as the heavy particles fall to the bottom of the tanks. To eliminate them and clarify the wine, racking needs to take place once or twice.

The entire process is managed and controlled by a team of experts with a sound knowledge of wine maturing in barrels and stainless steel tanks. In addition to the know-how required at this stage, maturing needs efficient, appropriate equipment.