Bottling is a difficult activity during which the quality of the wine must be maintained.

With its modern, automated facilities, “Grands Vins de Gironde” offers a range of bottling activities.



“Grands Vins de Gironde” has the industrial facilities and the production teams to meet the needs of its customers worldwide:


Bulk wine bottling lines

Bulk wines may come from our partner châteaux or from our own winery where they have undergone controlled maturing and storage. The fact that so many estates use our services has led the group to invest in efficient industrial equipment.

With a capacity of 26,000 bottles per hour, the three bulk wine lines offer a range of bottling, labelling and packaging formats.
This flexibility requires painstaking organisation and quality control throughout the production process.

Once the wines are packed, they can be shipped immediately or stored in our 23,000 m3 of temperature-controlled cellars.

Wine Box Packaging

This is more than just a pack: it’s a completely new way of drinking wine. Practical and reliable, the wine box has been on our shelves for a few years now. It allows people to enjoy young wines in 2 to 20-litre volumes. With its taps designed to prevent air from entering the bag, box wine can be enjoyed for up to six weeks after opening.

GVG has been offering this type of packaging for several years, with all its associated options: size, functionality and suitable packaging.

Its visuals make the wine box an outstanding communication tool used to promote the Châteaux and the taste advantages of the wine. Following on from its success, we are seeing a move upmarket and a diversification toward red appellation wines.


“Bottled-Unlabelled” Lines

Bottled-Unlabelled line

The legal wording “Bottled on the estate” – or at the château – means that the wine has to be bottled at the château that produced it. And yet many estates, customers and partners ask us to label, pack and store their wines.
This activity is based on 2 “bottled-unlabelled lines, each equipped with an automatic box-emptying machine. This makes handling easier and improves production speed.