SVM became a subsidiary of “Grands Vins de Gironde” in 1996.
A separate entity, SVM produces over a million bottles a year, which are sold worldwide.

Our oenologist and his 7-strong team run this expanding activity. A trained oenologist, he is keen to adapt traditional vinification techniques to the production of sparkling wines.


The trend for sparkling wines

Produits SVM

Over the last few years, the sparkling wines market has grown rapidly worldwide. Its festive, fresh, fashionable image has conquered a clientele on the lookout for something new.

SVM is attentive to new trends and has designed flavoured and coloured products that have enjoyed great international success. We are convinced of the advantages of innovation and are continuing our efforts to offer ever more daring wines.

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Make your own wine


The key factors that turn a sparkling wine into a rare, elegant, product are the quality of the base wine, the ageing time and control over the wine’s contact with the lees during the “foam creation” period.

A still wine is used as a base for making sparkling wine; the addition of “liqueur de tirage” and the action of the yeast turn this wine into sparkling wine. 
The wine is then matured in a sealed tank to keep in the gas that forms during fermentation.

The wine is then bottled under carbon dioxide pressure using isobarometric machines. As with Champagnethe bottle is closed by a mushroom-shaped cork held in place by a twisted wire topped by a pleated aluminium cap. Once bottling is completed, the bottle can be labelled and packed for shipping.

Schéma de fabrication SVM
Schéma de fabrication SVM