Chantecaille Bordeaux Blanc

Chantecaille Bordeaux blanc is the result of expert winemaking: The bouquet's finesse and volume are due to perfectly ripe grapes transported from the vineyard to the vat room as quickly as possible, and immediately pressed.

Bordeaux Blanc - White

The juice is then chilled to delay fermentation. This skin contact helps extract attractive aromas. The juice is then clarified, cold fermented, carefully aged, and stabilized in order to lock in the fine fresh fruit flavours prior to bottling. Crystal-clear pale gold colour and a well-focused bouquet featuring citrus, lychee, and mango overtones. Crisp and fruity on the palate with good body underpinned by a tiny amount of carbon dioxide. A slightly bitter very ripe grapefruit taste adds freshness. Long, fruity after taste.