Château Desclau

Château Desclau used to be a farm belonging to Château Sénailhac, formerly known as La Motte de Tresses. Château Desclau wines are harvested, fermented, and aged separately from those of Château Sénailhac, but benefit from the same techniques.

Bordeaux Supérieur - Red

The vineyard is managed using traditional methods, with rationalized pest and disease control. Two fermentation cellars equipped with temperature-controlled stainless steel vats make it possible to apply strict plot selection when the grapes are harvested. The vatting period is variable, depending on the ripeness of the grapes. Bottling takes place at the estate, approximately two years after the harvest. This wine is a brilliant deep red colour with purplish highlights. The bouquet is very attractive, reflecting perfectly ripe grapes, with rich blackberry and blackcurrant aromas. The wine is velvety and mouth filling on the palate with lots of fruit and excellent structure. Its attractive, long aftertaste is reminiscent of candied blackberries.